Pictures for marketing and advertisement

Pictures are protected by copyrights, trademark and personal rights.
Depending upon the intended use, you have to know if and in which way you are allowed to use the pictures.
We provide advice for your individual area of application.

Our royalty-free image data can be used as often as you like. For brochures, books or websites. You are not allowed to resell the original image data, but you may well do so with your brochures and books. The pictures can be purchased in three different sizes, each for a different price. The bigger the file, the wider the area of application and the higher the price.

Royalty-managed - Subject to licence
Most of our pictures can be used for a small charge, depending upon your purpose of use. This charge has to be determined by simply consulting us. The usage limitation ultimately serves your purposes. An example: You develop a database and for your brochure you use a picture of the “BMW Oracle”, a yacht from the America’s cup. As soon as the ORACLE logo is visible, you have already breached the copyright.

Once you have chosen a picture, just mail or call us and you will normally receive an offer from us within a few minutes. If desired, we provide you with the files in nearly every file format available and just the way you like – whether it is via ISDN, e-mail, FTP, on CD, in CMYK or RGB.

By request, business customers (publishers and agencies) and regular customers can obtain a specific access code to our business download area, where we store high resolution layout data as well as print data for offset printing for sizes up to A6 without access restrictions. In this case, we assume that our customers possess enough experience and knowledge to be able to correctly judge the ways in which pictures may be used.

Model Released – People in advertisement
We have a great amount of people-related motifs that can be used for advertisement. We would be happy to help you find just the right motif for your intended use.

Do you have any questions? Call us and we will provide advice. phone: 040 - 86 66 27 14 or