Ready to sail radio-controlled model yachts, model yacht design, construction and boat building.

-> You prefer sailing boat rather than spend hours fixing it?
-> You'd like to sail races without having to assemble your boat for days on end beforehand?
-> You'd like to surprise your client or your partner with a fancy gift?

Then look no further!!! Our radio-controlled model yachts (and non-operating scale models) can be made to order in
a number of design combinations and perfectly match the criteria listed above. Order your model sailboat featuring
your corporate design or pick one of our many already existing designs featured in our image galleries. Our model
boatyard will manufacture your individual boat for you, tune or modify it to your specifications.

O U R   P R O G R A M M E


Top-notch all you could possibly wish for hi-tech model where perfections meets sophistication. Needless to
say all Made in Germany at our very own model boatyard.


Proper sports equipment, designed and developed by stockmaritime and handbuild
at our very own boatyard in Hamburg.


We have also devised an extensive tuning programme for pimping our standard model boats.


Other than building model boats, our stockmaritime boatyard also does repairs, maintenance
and restoration. We also provide support or tuning for your own individual project.

A quick guide to model boats

We have been asked for it many a time on Facebook, so here it is: Our quick guide to model boating! Naturally, everyone has their own preference. This is why company founder and owner Hans Genthe will try and explain his take on model boats from a more subjective point of view. This guide is meant to aid your decision making when it comes to selecting the right boat for yourself.

Hans Genthe says, "we have four top selling boats. Our AC60 for instance, remains unrivalled when it come to value for money. This boat has very good sailing characteristics. I believe this boat to be the most widely sold yacht (perhaps even worldwide) of all model boats made. Unfortunately, the original AC60 is rather prone to sinking, if its owner fails to seal the hatch properly. We try to eliminate these teething troubles by offering a number of accessories to remedy this. This way the AC60 becomes very sailable with a budget of around 200 to 250 Euros. If this boat is being equipped with all the tuning parts our shop has to offer, then it can be sailed through breakwater at 7 Beaufort like this video of an AC60 at Anholt shows. The edition featured in the video will set you back about 400 Euros though.

Another very good boat is the TP52/R46. Not lastly because its length is only 650mm. The time it takes to be manufactured and the corresponding cost of labour make this model a tad dearer than our 3x1. Nevertheless, this boat has proven worth the effort and expense during our trial runs that lasted for weeks and the subsequent model boat events. It is virtually indestructable and offers fantastic sailing abilities. I took the TP52 Quantum edition with me on holiday in 2011 and put it through some heavy duty seawater use. No failures, but all plain sailing instead.

Furthermore, the VO60/Seawind is a boat with great looks. Many model skippers opt for this model to sail it in races across the globe. The Seawind has a tendency to cut the waves, a flaw that is not improved by the enlarged sail area of the VO60. It also proved rather difficult to properly seal the boat and get it watertight, - and yet, this model's interior can easily cope with a bit of water. The cost is similar to the 3x1 model.

Clearly, the most matured model of our four top selling boats is the 3x1. It's a doddle to carry around, very reliable and super fast. We have also had many an opportunity to test this model. This is my personal favourite and a lot of other people appear to like this boat too. There's currently a lot of demand for the 3x1, with the amount of orders steadily on the rise.

We do have many other models on offer though. The Micro Magic is also very popular and has fantastic sailing abilities. Still, we currently only offer this boat as self-assembly kit. Its appearance is not exactly my cup of tea. I personally don't think this boat's a looker at all. The Open60 on the other hand, is a pretty cool model when there's lots of wind. It's performance in light wind is somewhat mediocre though, but in strong winds this boat unfolds its true sailing characteristics. The IRC88 is also a pretty nifty sailor. We have extensively tested it in seawater during our last holidays. Although it is highly reliable, many of its parts are prone to corrosion. But at such unbelieveably low price one will have to make a concession. At the moment, there's a shipping shortage and this model is hard to come by.

The ACC110 is rather elegant in appearance and has not only many a beautiful detail, but is also a pretty speedy cruiser. A proper America's Cup yacht for enthusiasts and a beautiful sight on any lake! And, - there's the VO70 , the Volvo Open 70. It's canting keel is heaps of fun sailing, but it'll need some experience handling this boat. This model is technically very much matured, but because of all its electronic components not exactly a bargain. Still, the VO70 is the right boat for every fan of the Volvo Ocean Race. The ideal boat to re-enact the conditions of the Southern Ocean on the shores of you local sailing grounds. I personally love sailing this boat because of its canting keel. It's a feature that makes the boat a joy to handle in all sorts of wind conditions.

Last but not least, the Supermaxi. We are yet to sell a single boat of this make. But still, because of the Supermaxi I have learned a great deal about model boats. If we'll find the time, we will definitely take up work on this model again. Sailing this boat is a fascinating pasttime but still, it is high maintenance and not exactly easily transported either. Having said this, we fortunately do have a minibus. If we ever do get an order for one of these boats, we shall revise and improve it - building upon all the knowledge we have acquired in the past four years. By the way, if it wasn't for the Supermaxi, the VO70 would never have been produced either.

Other than our vast range of sailboats, we also have the BV110, a motorboat that was devised together with German shipbuilder Blohm+Voss. This boat acclerates like a rocket. Of course, there are many other faster model motorboats out there, and also many scale models much more faithful to detail, - but there's nothing quite like this boat if pulling the focus is your thing. And, Attention seeking at superyacht boat shows is exactly what we have built this model for in the first place."

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